Thursday, March 8, 2012


Finally, riding through the vast eerie mountains of Frankenstein once again. This should be the last grueling waiting period. With the final chapter mapped out and laid down on a template, I've embarked once more on my journey into wretchedness.

Here is the first page of Volume III and the first page in almost three months. With all the details figured out, I will be back on my schedule of producing a page almost daily. And I will be back to my regular updates on this blog with news, progress, workshops, insights and the "page of the week".

In this page, the contrast between Victor and his best friend Clerval are evident. Clerval is alive, joyful and happy while Victor is...well...his usual emo self. But don't take it from me. In Clerval's own words, "But you, my dear Frankenstein, wherefore are you desponding and sorrowful?"

Why do you think, Clerval? He's just come back from a trip to the mountains where he was kidnapped, against his will, by his rejected child who just happens to be a hulking reanimated corpse. He was blackmailed and left with a dire proposition. He is to create another diabolical anomaly of the female gender or death will come to everyone he loves. On top of this, his father arranges his marriage with cousin Elizabeth. This is great and all because they are in love (in an insestual kind of way). But it's bad timing to plan a wedding.

So Clerval decides to take him on a trip to London.

What a good start into Volume III! Enjoy your page of the week and look for more to come.

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  1. Love the first panel; he looks so cute! And the red suit is pretty sweet; makes for a great visual contrast.