Thursday, May 13, 2010


While I was in New York meeting with the editor, we decided to cushion my original layout with a couple extra pages. The reason behind this is a bit complex to explain. The main reason is to have strong page turning moments (take that and make what you want out of it). It was decided that one page would be added towards the end of the story where the text was too heavy in contrast to the illustrations. The other area we decided to add a page was the creation of the monster scene.
This was originally planned to be told in one page and the page was already illustrated. But there were many reasons why I didn't like the illustrations on the page. First of all, I thought the colors were too bright. I like the vibrant green representing the serum of life because it is a nice contrast to the gloomy world. It gives it that unworldly feel. But I didn't like the bright pinks, yellow and the overuse of the warm rust color. Also, I didn't care for Victor's face in the second and forth panels. So rather than just adding a page to this page, I did two new pages.
It seemed best to break the illustrations up between the first and second panel on the original page. The first panel is a good introduction. It fits well with "In a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house, and separated from all the other apartments by a gallery and staircase, I kept my workshop of filthy creation;". But the second and remaining panels on the original page seemed to illustrate the hardcore moments of the monster creation. So I split those apart and threw in some extra building scenes like playing with alchemy, buckets of guts, bringing in materials and starting to assemble the wretch. This was all done with a much more muted pallet which I love. This choice creates a dingy and stuffy tone for the workshop in which Victor confines himself for days, weeks and months assembling a monster.

Be Grim!
Gris Grimly


  1. its twisted and creepy and I absolutely LOVE it! Especially the panel where he's dragging the skeleton... Creeptacular Gris!

  2. This really does help you linger in the moment - which is an important scene, and of course lends itself to more images of delightfully gory paraphernalia! You did a really great job with it!