Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Just a couple of days ago, I completed reading and abridging the story of Frankenstein. I've taken many notes (yet have many notes to take in the near future). Sunday night I met with the editor of this insane project and expressed my thoughts and ideas to him over a Mexican dinner and margaritas. He is as ecstatic as I am.

I can't begin to describe how thrilled I am to be illustrating a tale that has felt so dear to my heart as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I will be writing a forward to the book which will express these emotions. Of course, for all of you who are following along, you will read it first on this blog. I have asked Bernie Wrightson (the award-winning illustrator who has already illustrated a version of Frankenstein that is breathtaking) if he would write an introduction for the book. Not only has he agreed, but he wants to be involved in my creative process along the way.

Now that the "studying" stage of the book is behind me, I will be sketching much more. This means that I will be posting much more on this blog. The design of the monster is coming along. I've become really influenced by the anatomy of the Elephant Man for the appearance of the monster. As soon as I incorporated this twisted structure to my creation, I stepped back with a sinister grin and whispered, "This is it."

I hope you enjoy.

Be Grim!
Gris Grimly


  1. I like the look, but it doesn't feel like a Frankenstein's monster to me. What's bothering me is, firstly, are the arms, when I read Shelly's Frankenstein I see a more powerful looking beast: wide shoulders, big arms, ect. Also, I want to see a drawing where I can see more detail on the face. The monster is horrifying, but so passionate and intelligent, I would like to see that in the face.

  2. I like it. Although I feel as if its face needs something a bit more. It doesn't look as scary as I would imagine a monster to be.

  3. As a stand alone illustration, I adore it. As the monster, I feel it's perhaps somewhat to perfect in a way. Too elegant, too much symmetry. It needs some off-putting disharmonious element.
    Just a thought...

  4. I agree with @UNEARTHED, go more Elaphant Man like you were talking about. And give it power.

    But, the picture is fucking sick none-the-less

  5. Unearthed got it perfect! it's so. . .pretty ? I guess "elegant" was a good word. It's an amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing picture whether you decide to make it more monster-like or not. Love your work, can't wait until the book comes out (: !!

  6. i think its perfect, it's your vision Gris, it doesnt matter what the fans/followers say. You should just keep portrayng what it's in your mind and heart. At the end if real followers of you art, we will admire and see it through your eyes. After-all we are here b/c we somehow identify with your art and visions.